Throughout the years, a variety of artists and performers from around the world have collaborated with Sun & Moon Ensemble in different aspects of the productions. The masks and puppets used in the productions are artworks in themselves, and include handcrafted masks of wood, leather and papier maché from various corners of the globe. The large puppets are designed and often created by Maria Lexa.

Sun & Moon Ensemble is available to present indoor and outdoor performances and processions at theatres, festivals, schools, street fairs, and other events. We also teach workshops in theatre arts for professionals, amateurs, and youth.

For information on hiring or working with Sun & Moon Ensemble,
please contact the Artistic Director, Maria Lexa, at +1 415 282 4331 or at


Sun & Moon Ensemble
Staff and Collaborators

Founded in San Francisco in 2001, Sun & Moon Ensemble is an international performing arts company, whose productions feature theatre, dance, large puppets, masked characters, comedy, and live music. Sun & Moon Ensemble presents processions and outdoor shows for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and has appeared at many open-air festivals, street fairs, schools, and community events. The company also creates indoor performances from original manuscripts, and these productions have been presented at theatres in the Bay Area and abroad.

The group’s founder and artistic director, Maria Lexa, directs performances, teaches theatre workshops, and participates in collaborations with other theatre groups, arts projects, festivals, and educational institutions.

Sun & Moon Ensemble’s performances are based on physical expression with well-trained performers, strong visual images, and a blending of drama, poetry and humor. Performing in masks and 10 ft. tall puppets is a distinctive branch within physical theatre, requiring special performing techniques. This theatre form has deep roots in folk art, myths, and rituals from cultures around the world, such as Africa, Bali, Mexico, Greenland, Belgium, Greece, and Italy. At the same time, it connects to a contemporary wave of interest in improvisation, carnival, and street theatre. It is a theatre form which creates a unique kind of magic.



Artistic director

Maria Lexa

Maria Lexa resume and biography (English)

Maria Lexa CV (Dansk)


Aharon Bolsta, Pedro Gomez, Ramani Narayan, Orlando Obligacion,
Jason Rajit Parmar, Zack Pitt-Smith, Soul Salaam, Eliyahu Sills, Tracy Tree

Lighting design

Allen Willner

Financial consultant

Kristen Anderson


John Spicer

Video production

Frederik Led Behrend, Niki Lexa,
Ivana Lexa-French,
Lee Talkington, Domingo Vazquez

Web design

Domingo Vazquez,
Asger Bruun


Ida Bagus Anom, Kadek Astama,
Kirsten Gitz-Johansen, Jens Kirkedal Jensen, Eva Klinting, Maria Lexa, Ketut Molog, Made Regug, Donato Sartori, Nyoman Setiawan, Made Sutiarka, Christina Shonkwiler, Claus Tams, Wayan Tangguh

Costumes and puppets

Lisa Bønæs, Janine Chavy, Hanne Christensen, Dea Sten Hansen, Laura Hazlett, Jytte Jensen, Sidsel Kirketerp, Kelley Ledden, Maria Lexa, Eri Neja, Lindsey Peck Scherloum, Michael Schmelter


Former collaborators with Sun & Moon Ensemble include:

Adam Venker, Alison Ross, Ann Marie Falge, Anna-Brown Griswold, Antonio Sausys, Bridget Barsotti, Cara Goldstein, Chris Loar, David Abad, Davina Cohen, Dietmar Brinkman, Heather Pennington, Helga Rosenfeldt, Israel Jimenez, Joanna Meinl, Jonathan Whittle, Julia Baldassari, Juan Carlos de la Rosa, Kat Danielson, Kristin Neidlinger, Krystal MacKnight, Lep Kan,Mara Niemanis, Melusina Del Mar, Michael Kelly, Michael Schmelter, Morgan Murphey, Natasha Kaluza & Jamie Coventry, Nathan Holguin, Nicole Helfer, Randall Wright, Sandra Risser, Stacey Cobalt, Steve Eslami, Tina Huang, Venus Garcia, Wes Fredenburg, Nathan Holguin, Will Howard, Harveyn Rabbit, Maya Norman, Aharon Bolsta, Eliyahu Sills, Soul Salaam, Tracy Tree, Zack Pitt-Smith